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Creative Grove Artist Market has this Pro-bono Website Design project by the Web and I, this site is hosted on WordPress.com, our most economical Web presence option. Creative Grove is a meeting place, market, art experiment and scene that involves the public, promotes art and culture, and builds community space as a forum for dialogue and exchange.  A destination and place to relax, play and express yourself.


Creative Grove Artist Market

Drossman and Associates is a full-service law firm in Long Island, New York. Their site, New York Legal Center, is completely managed by them. The site is hosted on our most economical recommended vendor, the WordPress.com basic hosting. This option is inexpensive, reliable, and effective, and is much more reasonable than server hosted websites.

Drossman and Associates

First United Services is a firm providing vital real estate related consulting including mortgage modifications, refinancing and more. They have basic WordPress hosting and enjoy an economical web presence.


First United Services
Microsoft Office for iPad

Microsoft Office for iPad

Having Microsoft Office for iPad is a feature that users of the iconic Apple tablet have looked forward to for years. Microsoft Office is the business standard for productivity software. Everyone in business is familiar with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel at the very least. Using Microsoft Office on the iPad was possible before, but […]

New Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 and Education

Microsoft Office 365 offers unique opportunities for Education. Sometimes Microsoft makes a contract with a college or university to take advantage of licensing fees already paid and have Microsoft cloud services offer unified services to faculty, staff, and students. Sometimes individual departments are able to do the same thing. This is only possible because Microsoft […]