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New Office 365

Office 365′s New Edition with Microsoft Office 2013 Available January 29, 2013

REDMOND, WA According to news sources including, Microsoft Office 365′s new edition will be released on January 29. In previous articles, we have covered what new features are going to be available in the new edition in-depth from a technical standpoint, including the ability to program custom SharePoint applications using a number of common languages […]

Controlling Where Users Save Documents

There are several levels of lock-down security that can be implemented to ensure documents are saved to a specific location, including network drive or SharePoint library. The requirements of document storage and the amount of security determine the method which will be used for enforcing your policy. Passive Measures The first, simplest, and most cost-effective, […]

SharePoint Customization and Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365, the popular new cloud service which is revolutionizing business across the World, has four software products that serve to help people in business collaborate, communicate, store and share information: Exchange, Lync, SharePoint and Office. One of the most useful and important pieces of software in this suite is SharePoint, the highly customizable […]

SharePoint Server 2010 on Microsoft Office 365

Editing Your Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise Files Offline

Office 365 Enterprise includes the ability to keep local copies of all of your files on any desktop or laptop computer. This has proved significant for clients of mine who wish to take their work with them on their laptop. They wanted to be able to work on their Microsoft Office 365 files remotely without […]