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Microsoft Office for iPad

Microsoft Office for iPad

Having Microsoft Office for iPad is a feature that users of the iconic Apple tablet have looked forward to for years. Microsoft Office is the business standard for productivity software. Everyone in business is familiar with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel at the very least. Using Microsoft Office on the iPad was possible before, but […]

Savings and More with Office 365 for Personal Use

Office 365 for Personal Use: the Future of Office for Individuals? Microsoft Office 365 for personal use is a new concept. Microsoft Office 365 was originally rolled out to businesses and educational institutions. Later it was rolled out for government use. Individuals, families, and students were encouraged to keep buying the disk. Microsoft Office 365 […]

New Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 and Education

Microsoft Office 365 offers unique opportunities for Education. Sometimes Microsoft makes a contract with a college or university to take advantage of licensing fees already paid and have Microsoft cloud services offer unified services to faculty, staff, and students. Sometimes individual departments are able to do the same thing. This is only possible because Microsoft […]

Small Business Computing Solutions

Productivity For many years, Microsoft Office has been the productivity software of choice for businesses of all sizes. The Web and I has senior developers who have been Microsoft Office developers since the 1990′s. We have helped small businesses and universities harness the capabilities of Office and even link Office to their enterprise systems for […]