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The Importance of Effective Employee Training in Enterprise Systems

Employees are considered good by managers when they are comfortable enough with a business process to develop a “System”. This system is a way of doing things, a way of handling common business situations in an efficient way. Employees get very attached to their way of doing things, and when technologies change, they invariably come […]

Business Contact Manager or Solutions

Project Management for Information Technology Projects

People may wonder what it takes to run a project which has well-defined goals, accountability, transparency, and good management. These features are neither a matter of luck nor of management style rather of understanding and adhering to a set of academically proven best practices known collectively as project management. New initiatives as well as the […]

Accounting Applications

Microsoft Office 365 Accounting

The Web and I, in collaboration with Microsoft, will start to produce basic accounting modules for Office 365. For small businesses already getting Office 365, their modest accounting needs may be handled far more cheaply with the accounting modules they need in-house. Most very small businesses use accountants for taxes and paper for check ledgers, […]

How Small Businesses can Benefit from Big Business Software Today

Many businesses that have adopted Microsoft Office 365 to date have been medium and large businesses, government agencies, and universities, all of whom could afford their own servers on-site but chose the new cloud model. The market segment that really could benefit most from cloud computing and Office 365 in particular are very small businesses […]

SharePoint Server 2010 on Microsoft Office 365

Editing Your Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise Files Offline

Office 365 Enterprise includes the ability to keep local copies of all of your files on any desktop or laptop computer. This has proved significant for clients of mine who wish to take their work with them on their laptop. They wanted to be able to work on their Microsoft Office 365 files remotely without […]