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Free Small Business Marketing Plans

The best ways to market your small business has changed drastically in the last twenty years, and recent years have changed marketing methods the most ever. In an effort to provide education to fellow small businesses, the Web and I is taking the unprecedented initiative of offering an analysis of your existing marketing efforts and […]

Five Important Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Today most but not all businesses have a Website. Their sites vary from excellent to poor, and most small businesses do not yet know what makes a Website effective at gaining new customers and retaining existing ones. Many website designers can make an attractive site, but few have taken the time to understand what separates […]

Local Search and Small Businesses Face New Challenges and Opportunities in Marketing

Many small business owners think that having a Website and getting search engine optimization (SEO) consulting is not important for small business. Indeed in years past it used to be mostly important for large businesses to be found on the Web. Small businesses were still found in the Yellow Pages and through newspaper ads and […]

Increasing Sales with Social Paid Advertising (Social PPC)

The best way to supplement traditional search engine optimization (SEO) is with paid advertising. Not only are search engines like Google a great place for advertising, but some of the more popular social networks offer their own advertising programs. The professionals at the Web and I can help you with your campaigns. Advertising involves strategy, […]