Computer Repair

The Web and I is the best place to go for computer repair. Not for Profit and Senior Citizens receive reduced rates at cost, and in some cases can be provided on a pro-bono basis.

Whether you have outages, laptop screen damage, a virus attack, you need a cleaning or you need a new version of Windows or MS Office or installed, we can handle any problem for a fraction of what you think. No job is too  small for us.

The Web and I can fix all kinds of problems with your computer. We can work on desktops, laptops, and servers.

Do you have an older computer that you are attached to but is just too slow? The Web and I has the solution for that too! Just have us put on Linux as your operating system. Linux is like Windows and has similar features, but is more secure, reliable, and takes up less processing power and memory. Add new life to your old computer today with Linux.

Sometimes people need a hand learning changing technology. The Web and I is here to help you do just that. We will happily train you to use your computer to do the things you want, to sell things on Ebay, to use Email, to make mailings, write reports, and more! We offer special rates for small businesses, and for home use so call now: (646) 853-0573.

UPDATE! New Service

 Our clients will tell you: We are there when you need us! Call 646-853-0573!

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