Emergency Repair

We offer support on a telephone basis 24 hours a day.  Call (646) 853-0573 for assistance.  In addition, we are going to put up tutorials on a number of topics, as they are requested by our clients.

Existing clients can choose between $25 per month for up to one half (1/2) hour of service by telephone or E-Mail per month.  Service after this is $100 per hour with a $50 surcharge for on-site service.  Emergency service is $100 per hour plus a $150 surcharge for our immediate travel to your location.  We have great references from businesses who rely on us for maintenance of Windows, Office, Networks, Office Live software, MS Access, Internet Accessibility, Security, Spyware Removal, Virus Removal, and cable internet and wireless difficulties.

The Web and I would like to remind our clients that service calls are never a substitute for a proper disaster recovery plan.  We can help you put together one. Find out more about Microsoft Online Services and Office 365 now: Call (646) 853-0573.

UPDATE! New Service

The Problem: Need service remotely, saving money and ensuring licensing compliance and enterprise security.

The Solution: Windows Intune

With Windows Intune, we can remotely:

  • Scan your computers for viruses.
  • Defragment hard drives.
  • Remove spyware.
  • Deny employee access to websites.
  • Install Microsoft Windows or Office: you will have the latest licensing from Microsoft.
  • Instant Microsoft Licensing compliance: you will be prepared for Microsoft to audit many U.S. small businesses in 2012 for software license compliance.

How Windows Intune through the Web and I is Better

With Windows Intune from the Web and I, you benefit not just from a product and licensing, but also from our collective expertise and presence. Our clients will tell you: We are there when you need us! Call 646-853-0573 or find out more!