Microsoft Lync on Office 365: Instant Messenging, Enterprise Collaboration, and More

Microsoft Lync is a new product, but it is not Microsoft’s first foray into the world of Instant Messaging. But Lync is more than instant messaging. It has a variety of amazing features that make it indispensable for today’s enterprise:

  • Audio Teleconferencing.
  • Video Teleconferencing.
  • Unified Messaging.
  • Simultaneous Microsoft Office document editing.
  • Employee Presence Verification.
  • Windows 7 Mango Phone.

Between all of these features and the integration of these services to Microsoft Enterprise PBX services and Unified Messaging, we can tender to you a simple and secure solution to give you the new industry standard in services, reliability, and sophistication.

This solution is great whether you have two employees or two thousand.

An Overview of the Capabilities of Microsoft Lync

An Overview of the Capabilities of Microsoft Lync

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Here is a more comprehensive view of Lync and the capabilities from an engineering perspective:

Microsoft Lync on Office 365

Microsoft Lync on Office 365 Full Capabilities. Click twice to view full-sized poster.