Programming of Enterprise Applications

Programming is one of our specialties. For years, we have created appplications large and small for municipalities, universities, large businesses, small businesses and even home users. Our clients resources can be leveraged to share and collaborate on the same documents, and provide the basis for integrating the following vital enterprise program modules:

  • Contact Management.
  • Sales Automation.
  • Document Management and Archiving.
  • Scheduling.
  • Reservations.
  • Time Management.
    • For Multiple Resources.
    • With Live Website Calendaring.
  • Project Management.
  • Boardroom Collaboration.
  • Blog.
  • Forum.
  • Expenses.
  • Call Center.
  • Mail Merge.
  • E-Mail Marketing.

All of these modules work together and share data. When business data is planned so that there is only one entry for each piece of data, and the data is integrated into a centralized architecture and shared by all modules and workflows, two important things happen to your productivity:

  • Duplication of effort is eliminated (e.g. you only enter in a customer information once into contact management, and it is automatically available to all other modules. The ramifications of this are:
    • When data is entered in only once, the data is inherently more accurate because there is only one list. Increasing the incidents of data being repeatedly entered into different places creates additional opportunities for error.
    • Entering the same data repeatedly into multiple locations takes longer and therefore costs more money.
  • Control of data and visibility of all data in the workflow is returned to administrative management.
    • Executives can have broad access to view all data and create reports.
      • Great decision-making information availability increases the value of a business to their clients. People are more likely to engage in your efficient services.
      • Costs of IT, Labor, and paper are strongly reduced.
    • Data entry personnel can have limited edit access to only the modules they need.
    • Granular control allows business managers to have great control over who accesses what data and who can edit or view which items.

Our programming offerings are here…