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Microsoft Office 365 from the Web and I

University of California, Merced Selects Office 365

Merced, California The University of California, Merced selected Microsoft Office 365 for their business productivity and E-Mail needs. The full complement of 8500 faculty, students and staff will be migrated in 2013.¬† According to implementor CloudBearing, “After evaluating Office 365 for education versus Google Apps, the UC Merced team indicated in a report¬†that it preferred […]

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Creating a Private Microsoft Office 365 Style Private Cloud in your Company

Goals This project is intended to provide a secure intranet environment for the multiple offices of Your Corporation with the features of secure services including zones for document collaboration, E-Mail with Exchange, remote PC access from tablets, and the ability to have multiple users collaborate on the same documents simultaneously. Corporate instant messaging and online […]

Microsoft Office 365 from the Web and I

Migrating Users from Lotus Notes to Office 365: Lessons Learned from the University of Nebraska Implementation

Recently, University of Nebraska, an institute with over 50,000 students and 18,000 faculty and staff using Lotus Notes, elected to change their mail and productivity software to the cloud-based Office 365 suite. Normally, Office 365 migrations are done manually within Office 365, on a user-by-user basis. However with this large installation, completion time was a […]

Microsoft Office 365 from the Web and I

The Web and I Creates First U.S. Based Office 365 Fax Service

Inspired by Europe’s success in creating integrated faxing from Office 365, the Web and I has helped two local businesses to discard their fax machines in favor of virtualized E-Faxing services. This service is also cloud based, and the benefits include: The ability to send faxes from your E-Mail from Outlook or Web Outlook. The […]

Microsoft Office 365 from the Web and I

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 has been here now since June 18, 2011. Users are finding training needs minimal as they are used to the Microsoft Office Ribbon, even when they are using sophisticated add-on applications such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM! Desktop and online and server services in the future will be combined, but you will need a […]