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Savings and More with Office 365 for Personal Use

Office 365 for Personal Use: the Future of Office for Individuals? Microsoft Office 365 for personal use is a new concept. Microsoft Office 365 was originally rolled out to businesses and educational institutions. Later it was rolled out for government use. Individuals, families, and students were encouraged to keep buying the disk. Microsoft Office 365 […]

Microsoft Lync

Microsoft Lync on Office 365: Instant Messenging, Enterprise Collaboration, and More

Microsoft Lync is a new product, but it is not Microsoft’s first foray into the world of Instant Messaging. But Lync is more than instant messaging. It has a variety of amazing features that make it indispensable for today’s enterprise: Audio Teleconferencing. Video Teleconferencing. Unified Messaging. Simultaneous Microsoft Office document editing. Employee Presence Verification. Windows […]


Programming of Enterprise Applications

Programming is one of our specialties. For years, we have created appplications large and small for municipalities, universities, large businesses, small businesses and even home users. Our clients resources can be leveraged to share and collaborate on the same documents, and provide the basis for integrating the following vital enterprise program modules: Contact Management. Sales […]