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Microsoft Office for iPad

Microsoft Office for iPad

Having Microsoft Office for iPad is a feature that users of the iconic Apple tablet have looked forward to for years. Microsoft Office is the business standard for productivity software. Everyone in business is familiar with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel at the very least. Using Microsoft Office on the iPad was possible before, but […]

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Polaris Update

One of the best things about using Microsoft Online products, besides their unprecedented reliability and functionality, is the fact that they are always innovating. Microsoft has big plans for Microsoft Dynamics CRM this year, and they are going to wow us with a great many new features and functionality. This is not only to enable […]

Business Contact Manager or Solutions

Microsoft Outlook Business Contact Manager CRM

A little-known built-in feature of Microsoft Office as it is installed from a disk rather than with Office 365 is that there is a free included light CRM (Customer Relationship Management) feature known as Microsoft Outlook Business Contact Manager CRM. Although we push people to the cloud and recommend Office 365 with Dynamics CRM to […]

Microsoft Office 365 from the Web and I

University of California, Merced Selects Office 365

Merced, California The University of California, Merced selected Microsoft Office 365 for their business productivity and E-Mail needs. The full complement of 8500 faculty, students and staff will be migrated in 2013.¬† According to implementor CloudBearing, “After evaluating Office 365 for education versus Google Apps, the UC Merced team indicated in a report¬†that it preferred […]