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Microsoft Office 365 from the Web and I

Office 365 2013: Introduction

REDMOND, WASHINGTON Elegant. Simple. A revolution is coming to Microsoft. Its name? Microsoft Office 365 2013 Edition. The features of the new system make it the best cloud productivity solution in the Industry. Microsoft Office 365 with Office 2013 is a software suite that works equally well on the Mac as it does on a […]

Business Contact Manager or Solutions

Microsoft Outlook Business Contact Manager CRM

A little-known built-in feature of Microsoft Office as it is installed from a disk rather than with Office 365 is that there is a free included light CRM (Customer Relationship Management) feature known as Microsoft Outlook Business Contact Manager CRM. Although we push people to the cloud and recommend Office 365 with Dynamics CRM to […]

Cost Savings

Creating a Private Microsoft Office 365 Style Private Cloud in your Company

Goals This project is intended to provide a secure intranet environment for the multiple offices of Your Corporation with the features of secure services including zones for document collaboration, E-Mail with Exchange, remote PC access from tablets, and the ability to have multiple users collaborate on the same documents simultaneously. Corporate instant messaging and online […]

Microsoft Office 365 from the Web and I

E-Mail Rules in Microsoft Office 365

One of the most important features of Office 365 is their world-class E-Mail from Microsoft Exchange. And one of the best features that people can do to save time is to program Outlook to perform tasks such as getting rid of junk mail automatically and delivering mail that meets certain conditions into specific folders. This […]

Microsoft Office 365 from the Web and I

The Web and I Creates First U.S. Based Office 365 Fax Service

Inspired by Europe’s success in creating integrated faxing from Office 365, the Web and I has helped two local businesses to discard their fax machines in favor of virtualized E-Faxing services. This service is also cloud based, and the benefits include: The ability to send faxes from your E-Mail from Outlook or Web Outlook. The […]