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Microsoft Security Essentials: Integrated into Windows 8

Pristine Security Record Since our Founding in 2007

New York, New York Cloud service consultancy the Web and I has a perfect security record for the five years we have been in  business. Our clients include small businesses in the legal and financial services sectors as well as retail, wholesale, entertainment, education, and government. Our perfect security record means that we have never […]

Department of Defense

United States Announces New First-Strike Cyber-Forces

The Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has announced the creation of a new first-strike cyber-force which will stand guard over the computing systems of the national infrastructure. Panetta states that there are very credible threats from abroad to the infrastructure of the United States by taking advantage of computing vulnerabilities, which could easily spell impending disaster […]

Microsoft Windows Intune by the Web and I

Windows Intune: Remote Security, Repairs, Windows Installation and Licensing 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Windows Intune Users Log In Here Company Overview The Web and I is a premium I.T. Services company serving the New York City Metropolitan Area and Long Island since 2007.  Our I.T. experience, however, dates back to the 1970’s, logging in to ARPANET with a 2 baud handset modem which would cradle the telephone’s handset. […]

Emergency Service at your Home or Office

Emergency Repair

We offer support on a telephone basis 24 hours a day.  Call (646) 853-0573 for assistance.  In addition, we are going to put up tutorials on a number of topics, as they are requested by our clients. Existing clients can choose between $25 per month for up to one half (1/2) hour of service by […]

Re-Build Windows

Computer Repair

The Web and I is the best place to go for computer repair. Not for Profit and Senior Citizens receive reduced rates at cost, and in some cases can be provided on a pro-bono basis. Whether you have outages, laptop screen damage, a virus attack, you need a cleaning or you need a new version of […]