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Websites have to fulfill expected functions, and one of the pitfalls to avoid when getting a new website is small businesses not knowing what expectations to have from their website and internet presence. Knowledge of your brand, positioning your business as a leading source of information in your market, and ultimately developing a larger client base are an excellent place to start.

We make websites designed to be accessible and popular to the correct audience. The technologies and techniques we use adhere to industry standards for best practices designed to help grow your business and increase the knowledge and reputation of your brand.

Websites for businesses have to perform the functions of information dissemination and gathering new clients and customers. The kind of website that actually gets new clients is different from the kind of website that is chasing the most unique visual look. We counsel clients and anyone interested that websites that work too hard to be pretty do not generate leads, sales, and closed deals. We have more information about the hallmarks of an effective website here. Simple websites that are content focused and feature clean, minimalist designs are what works for search engines and for your customers. Rather than focusing on a vanity website full of beautiful and unique graphic features for the business owner’s pride, a usable website offers key benefits making it a conservative investment all businesses should make.

A usable website properly implemented will:

  • Increase sales of your product or service.
  • Increase awareness of your brand among those with an interest in your markets.
  • Increase your reputation in your industry by positioning your firm as a leader of ideas.
  • Provide your business with a turnkey solution that will enable you to:
    • Control your development expenses with technology that perpetually self-upgrades. (Unique to the Web and I)
    • Lower customer support expenses. (Unique to the Web and I)
    • Allow you or your delegates to add new content on your Website in your office without technical assistance.
    • Provide professional content creation and curation for companies seeking a managed internet presence.

The most important user is of course your client.  The second most important users are the search engines and social networks where people are looking for your products and services. You have to offer your products or services and policies and information in such a way that your client can get to any major destination on your Website in three clicks or less. Local search for your kind of business must show up on your neighborhood Google Maps and local search on Yahoo and Bing as well. We believe in taking the extra steps of making sure that your Website is accessible to the Handicapped. We ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act Section 508.  Compliance with these standards are required of any organization of any size receiving government grant funding or wishing to be eligible to respond to government contract or RFA. A little-known fact about making websites that get seen by both search engines and read by people is that accessibility is crucial.

User acceptance testing we perform finds any barriers to completing an inquiry or accessing any part of your Website.  A uniform, rapid, consistent experience will help any kind of business avoid website abandonment by readers.  Many studies have concluded that most online shopping results in abandonment without a transaction, and these barriers to completion and conversion are what we seek to remove. Contextual browsing by topic can help users find what they need in three clicks or less. Recommendations and referrals by word of mouth go to usable sites.  People like to recommend things that work.

What should clients do?

We ask that our clients prepare a list of problems on a high level that they hope to address with the creation of a website.  From there we can come up with a strategy best suited to your needs.  Knowing the big picture will help us find the most efficient solution to your problems.

Who’s doing the technical work?

WordPress. Your business reputation these days has to be managed online because in today’s market, that is where businesses are found.  Nobody uses the Yellow Pages anymore; people use Bing, Google, Yahoo, Dogpile, and often the recommendations of your friends on social networks and review sites.  Press releases can now be made online for free, and there are classified advertising opportunities, blogging opportunities, and video posting opportunities which will help you along the way.  Search Engine Optimization and Social Network Optimization are what Coca Cola, IBM, Google, and others are spending their time and money on.

Most people think of WordPress as just a site for amateur bloggers. However WordPress has been around a long time, and during that time they have picked up a lot of features and expertise that has made them into a premier web host. Most people do not realize that WordPress actually has a large client base of serious websites, including Time Magazine, NBC Sports, TED, Dow Jones, and more. They have all realized the benefits of managing the complex needs of their sites with WordPress.

Find out more about WordPress Websites, the high-profile organizations using WordPress now and how we can help you.

You just need the RIGHT consultants who can help you make it happen. Solutions that are properly implemented can be successfully managed by internet and computer novices without the expense of full-time IT staff.  Run your businesses with the efficiency secrets enjoyed by Fortune 500 companies.

About the Content:

The Web and I prides ourselves upon ability to produce great content.  We can take all of the marketing material you have to work with, work up a marketing strategy, and then weave this into a seamless whole, filling in the gaps.  We know what pages will be needed for your business model and we can perform a gap analysis prior to commencement of the project.

About the users:

User testing across the gamut of all browser types is central to our design process. We wish to make the experience for the user the best possible, with a logical and easy to navigate information architecture, and fresh, engaging content.

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