Welcome to the Web and I

The Web and I is a boutique web development company designing websites, web applications, and marketing campaigns on the Microsoft Office Live / Microsoft 365 Platform.

When it comes time to business applications, webs presence, and marketing, you need the RIGHT consultants who can help you make it happen. Solutions that are properly implemented can be successfully managed by internet and computer novices without the expense of full-time IT staff. Run your businesses with the efficiency secrets enjoyed by Fortune 500 companies.

All of our clients are small businesses. They have a limited budget, and they need to show real results for every dollar spent. They need us to be familiar with the latest technology and the latest marketing techniques.

As a small business, you depend on the quality and reliability of everything you buy, especially website design, marketing, and custom software. We painstakingly think and rethink the design of the software, the management of the security, and when we think we are done, we arrange a focus group so that third parties can tell us how to improve.

We have to serve our clients with the highest standards. Their businesses need our solutions to be functional, reliable, and safe. Our clients’ quality of life is affected by the quality of our work, so we make it our mission to give you, New York’s small businesses the service they need and deserve. This is a trust we would never take lightly.

Our clients are ready to tell our prospective customers how well we help them, how reliable our solutions are, and how responsive we are to problems. We are very involved in our industry, and we offer as evidence our Microsoft Partnership status and participation in the collegial exchange of information with other developers.

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