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Company Overview

The Web and I is a premium I.T. Services company serving the New York City Metropolitan Area and Long Island since 2007.  Our I.T. experience, however, dates back to the 1970’s, logging in to ARPANET with a 2 baud handset modem which would cradle the telephone’s handset. The telephone was, of course, nothing like telephones today.

Since then, we have gained experience working for various universities including NYU School of Medicine, Columbia University, as well as business computing experience in insurance, healthcare provider, law firms, mortgage firms, and real estate firms and Publishing with Thomson Reuters.

Background on the Web and I and Computer Support for Organizations Large and Small

With experience in computer support, applications management, and preventative maintenance and business network management, we are always looking for ways to better our response time and ways to support our client’s P.C.’s. Some of the challenges in providing effective and affordable service are:

  • Cost of travel requires additional expenses for our clients.
  •  Time of travel requires additional cost to clients.
  •  Technicians have no advance knowledge of what to bring or what will be encountered, possibly requiring extra visits and extra expenses


The Web and I has been an early adopter of Microsoft Cloud Services, our senior systems engineer was one of the first users of Microsoft Office Live in New York, and he still maintains the original site on Office Live. It will soon be transitioning to Microsoft Office 365.

The Web and I are registered Microsoft Windows Intune partners.  We keep up with all Microsoft requirements and news so you don’t have to.  We are very enthusiastic Microsoft partners, and we help them with their testing and with our input into potential improvements in any way we can. Our mission reflects theirs: to provide the best computing experience with the greatest functionality and the most uptime.

Martin Low, our Senior Systems Engineer, served as the Systems Administrator on the team implementing InfoEd at Columbia University, linking together thousands of faculty and staff to a centralized grants management system with direct EDI data transmission to, the centralized portal for grants from the U.S. Government. This system had highly functional inbound and outbound interfaces to systems such as space management, library bibliographic services, all faculty, and finance and accounting systems. The process of implementation required a full set of ERP studies to determine a new plan for all of the University Systems to work together, avoiding duplication of effort. Many brilliant new decision-making metrics resulted including the ability to calculate grant dollars per square foot of research space allocated to faculty, number of classes taught and publications per year related per square foot allocated to faculty, live tools to analyze and optimize grant and project budgets utilizing drift analysis, and efficient workflows for clerical staff.  Mr. Low and his division was also responsible for the upkeep, deployment, software installation and licensing, network security, and computer repair for fifty users including PC’s laptops, Macintosh, Linux, Unix, blackberry services, Treo services,  Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server.  Mr. Low was instrumental in assisting in the data mapping and design of all applications to ERP systems.

During that time, we had to respond to computer users in person, even using car service to get around the Manhattan Campus to service different computers. Travel time was an added expense and delay, and we never knew what to expect until we got there, which increased the amount of time it took to solve problems.

The Solution: Windows Intune

With Windows Intune, we can remotely:

  • Scan your computers for viruses.
  • Defragment hard drives.
  • Remove spyware.
  • Deny employee access to websites.
  • Install Microsoft Windows or Office: you will have the latest licensing from Microsoft.
  • Instant Microsoft Licensing compliance: you will be prepared for Microsoft to audit many U.S. small businesses in 2012 for software license compliance.

How Windows Intune through the Web and I is Better

With Windows Intune from the Web and I, you benefit not just from a product and licensing, but also from our collective expertise and presence. Our clients will tell you: We are there when you need us!